Kloud Mattress

A bed of fluffy clouds in a box, simply unpack it to enjoy a mattress of enhanced plushiness, remarkable support and exceptional breathability for the best sleep ever.

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Size Single:
L 91cm x W 190cm x H 24cm

Super Single:
L 107cm x W 190cm x H 24cm

L 153cm x W 190cm x H 24cm

L 183cm x W 190cm x H 24cm

Sweet dreams on KLOUD, the bed in a box.


Air Memory Foam

Features air-filled core that is engineered to provide excellent breathability, the mattress actively wicks away excessive moisture for a cool, comfortable sleep while its firm yet bouncy support help to alleviate pressure points through efficient distribution of body weight for a comfortable sleep all night long.


Double Jacquard

The soft and hygienic quilted top layer of HOOGA® Kloud Mattress offers simple and speedy way to rejuvenate.


Polyurethane Foam

A material with precise density and firmness, it supports the body without creating points of tension that gives sleepers maximum stability. Polyurethane is an easy material to shape, which promises good anatomical properties.


Pocket Springs

A system of 7-turn individually nested pocket springs work independently to react accurately to movements and body shape, providing optimum support without the feeling of tension.


The design of the pillow-top mattress unfolds the minimalist Scandinavian essence through every stich, colour and finish.
Comfortable, convenient design with 2 handles on each side for a safe and secure grip while moving or adjusting

Gently Cradles Every Curve of Your Body to enhance your HOOGA sleep experience with sink-in sensation

Firmly supports your body weight while hugging your curves for a perfect support and soothing comfort. Have your sweet dreams on KLOUD now.

A Bed in A Box right at your doorstep.
3 Steps Away to that hoogalic sleep - Simply unbox, position and unwrap!

In no time, you will be building castles in the air with KLOUD.



Place the box on the floor and retrieve the rolled-up mattress from the box. Your mattress is wrapped in two layers of plastic seal.



Place the rolled-up mattress on the bed frame and carefully cut the first layer of plastic seal. Unroll the compressed mattress across the bed frame.



Carefully cut the second layer of the plastic seal along the edges and be wary not to damage the mattress. Allow the mattress to fully expand to its original size.



Once it is all set up, it is time to cosy up!

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