A First Look Inside HOOGA’s Flagship Store

The secret is out! We have opened the doors to our first flagship store at Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur. Launched on 26th November, read through for a sneak peek into the exciting stuffs we have been cooking up for you at this new, bigger location.

The largest HOOGA store in Malaysia, HOOGA Mid Valley represents more than just a place to shop as it reveals a fresh store layout with impressive additions to our customary store design. Featuring a community garden that brings people together on the picnic tables, our flagship store offers a space that is perfect for a myriad of workshops and events.

We have also set up a fragrance bar that will beautifully display our whole fragrance collections, allowing you to indulge in the different smells. This discovery experience lets you find the perfect scent to fit your home aesthetic.

Carries the brand’s full range, this flagship store brings you through a complete HOOGA home tour as each home essential is carefully arranged to different sections of the store. Sleep, Eats, Neat, Bath, Chill and Glow, it offers you an effortless styling of every room where you will find everything you need around you.

A place that makes you feel at home as it welcomes you to chill and experience hygge, visit us at HOOGA Mid Valley today to warm our new home with your love and support.