If you are thinking of inviting friends or family over for an afternoon tea, here are some ways to bring in the hygge because it is the little things you do that set the tone for the afternoon while letting them know the effort you put to gather the people you love for some quality time together.

Warm Welcome

While a warm smile is the best way to welcome your guests as it will instantly make them feel at home but what provides the first glimpse into a home is your front entry. So, try adding a beautiful outdoor rug or some faux botanicals to your porch to give it a more inviting appearance which will have your guests anticipating for what’s to come. Feeling inspired? Get your choice of home products in our widest offerings.

Prepare Your Tablescape

If food is the way to the heart, imagine having beautifully arranged food to welcome your guest. Something to go along with your home-cooked meals, surprise them with a grand yet cosy table setting as there is nothing wrong about going your way out for the presentation as it will only leave your guest in awe. To get yourself some extra points, simply browse through our Hepburn and Reo collections of drinkware, dinnerware, flatware and serveware or our lists of serviettes and placemats.

Choose a Centrepiece

Go the extra mile for your gathering by placing a centrepiece on the table as it will bring the whole theme together with the extra décor accent. But try to choose a piece that doesn’t require it to be moved for a hassle-free afternoon as you enjoy the meal. One great option is to place a vase with a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a bowl of fresh fruits for the perfect English high tea. Look into our collections of vases, faux botanicals and centrepieces to give your tablescape some final touches.

Prepare the Tea and Optional Champagne

While you have your guests sitting comfortably in your home, offer them with something to drink like a cup of warm tea in HOOGA Hepburn tea pot to kick off the day. Bring out the nice drinkware you have in the kitchen or you could always opt for our Hepburn and Reo collections that are perfect to cling to as stories and jokes are shared. For added bonus to your gathering, excite your guest by serving glasses of champagne in our Cassandra champagne flute for a more laid-back afternoon.

Prepare the Food

Your gathering is never complete without a delicious array of dishes especially ones that you make from scratch because there is something magical about sharing home-cooked meals with good company. Imagine enjoying together some freshly made pancakes or traditional English sandwiches that translate into precious moment spent together. On top of that, consider dressing your dishes in our collections of dinnerware to have each of your meal served in style.

Comfortable Sitting

Make your guests feel relaxed with a comfortable sitting which will make them stay even after the last sip. Add on some cushions to the chair that will have their back for hours as they come together around the table or you could also drape your chair with a throw to set the stage for a cosy time together. To enhance the whole dining experience for hours of intimate conversations, hearty laughs and silly jokes, make a quick visit to our list of products as you enjoy the inviting touches it brings to the room.