What’s The Right Pillow For You?

To feel your best at day is to sleep better at night and all it takes is the right pillow to give you just that. By providing the support your body needs, it will keep you in a healthy sleeping posture throughout the night which will drift you off to a deeper sleep.

Saying good night to your old pillow? Here are a few choices that you can consider buying where each is designed to give you personalised comfort. Check out the video below to get a quick glimpse of each product.

Arctic Series

As the name suggests, this pillow will have you sleeping in the Arctic where you will always be pampered with a cooling sensation for a deeper sleep. Perfect for those who always find their pillow too hot for their liking as it makes them turn and twist all night long, this pillow will provide you with a cool surface to rest your head that keeps you at your most ideal temperature.

Cloud Series

Ever find your pillow too hard that you always wake up feeling unsatisfied from a not so good sleep? We get you! Super soft and fluffy, this pillow is just what you need. Designed to sail you away to a luxurious sleep, put your neck and shoulder pain to rest with pillows that feel soft yet offer good support, which remind you so much of sleeping among the clouds.

Basic Series

Something in between not too hard and not too flat, sleep easy with pillows that are designed to meet your essential needs for beauty rest. Offers a sweet middle with just the right amount of comfort and support, this lofty, fluffy and easy to care pillow is more than just a basic pillow as it offers you a comfortable night’s sleep even in unlikely places and environment.

Nature Series

Made for those who are environmentally-conscious, enjoy sleeping amid nature’s embrace from pillows that are made from organic materials to offer you unparallel comfort of nature’s perks. Soft, smooth and breathable that translate into the most comfortable setting, pillow from this series not only make the best choice for the environment but also for every home.

Ergo Series

Do you bring several pillows with you on the bed because you constantly need the comfort they bring to get some good sleep? Well, this is where it gets interesting for our ergo pillow can be all of that and more. Designed for side sleepers and mothers to be, this pillow offers 360-degree body support that can be mouldable into various shapes, giving you the best sleep experience with just one pillow.

Wellness Series

Have you been looking around for pillow to fit you right but they just don’t fit in? Unlike others, pillows from this series sway from the traditional shape or design for they are uniquely crafted to fit someone perfectly. With a contoured design and gentle arch that comfortably support the head and neck of a back sleeper, this might be the one that is meant for you.