Simple Ways to Create a Hoogalic Home

To have a space that is brimming with serenity and comfort may not come naturally to everyone and that’s okay! The journey to a hooga-lic home isn’t a difficult one as it just takes a few understandings of the dos and don’ts to help improve the comfort of your space.

A tip for a hygge home is to create a space that is safe within yourself and your home. Make room for a more carefree and cosier lifestyle by bringing simplicity into your home and less clutter. Here are a few simple ways to incorporate hygge décor into your everyday life.

Play with warm neutral colours

Nothing calms a mind more than coming home to a place that makes you feel at ease. A sigh of relief releases through your breath and you are safe in your space. The best way to start achieving a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere into your space is to avoid bright colours. Vibrant hues tend to bring out a bolder touch, so, try to keep it to a minimal. A neutral palette scheme helps create tranquillity into your home. Elevate the warmth of your space by combining pastel colours and start small with firm pillows, crisp sheets and work your way up.

Bring in some textures

Minimalism doesn’t mean plain. Bring in some textures to your home with aesthetic woven baskets and layered throws. The soft graze of the weave balances out the neutral tones, creating a welcoming space. It brings cosiness to the next level, and ultimately is pleasing to the eye. Adding texture to your home creates dimension so try not to overdo it.

A relaxing aroma takes the stress away

A room is just a room until you immerse yourself to the sweet aroma of calmness. It may not sound necessary but the smell can change a person’s mood almost immediately, just like when you first walk into a beautiful spa resort. To keep your mind feeling fresh and at ease, invest in a refreshing diffuser with a scent that fits how you wish to feel daily. Not only does a good diffuser diffuse the stress away, it will also look great as a decorative piece in your space.

A glow in the night

There’s just something about a light dimmed room that instantaneously changes the mood in any home. The feeling of warmth and security embraces you like sleeping through the nice cool air beneath the stars. To get the right ambience, swap the bright lamps and switch off the bulky wall lights for dainty twinkle lights to calm you through your nights.

Keep it clean and simple

Falling into the temptation of over-decorating a space is easy when there are so many beautiful pieces you wish to display. When decorating a shelf, try limiting the number of items for a less visually cluttered appearance. A simple way to start is by decorating in odd numbers such as pairing beautiful antiques like glass trinkets with a memorable frame and a flourishing plant. The different shapes and sizes create a picturesque dimension and enhance the empty spot into a purposeful art.

Choosing the right rug

Choosing the perfect rug for a room is truly something to ponder on as those with the right size will do wonders to a space by making it look put together. A rug that is too small can make your room feel less inviting while ones that are too big can make your room feel smaller. Opt for a rug that fits at least the front legs of any of your major furniture as its addition to the room will bring warmth and character to any space it adorns.

Spice up your bathroom

We tend to neglect the need to make our bathroom feel as comfortable as other parts of the home. But this is the most used room in the house! So, sprinkle some love to it and light up a relaxing scented candle, along with a selection of bathing accessories. This will make even a quick shower in the morning feels like a retreat.