Kloud Mattress

4 Reason to Love Our HOOGA KLOUD Mattress

On a hunt for a new mattress?

Choosing a mattress that works for you is easily one of the toughest decisions to make, especially when you are served with the tons of options that are available right from the comfort of your home. Intricately tailored to bring you deeper sleep with cloud-like comfort, you might want to consider our HOOGA Kloud Mattress for your next purchase!

1. Design

To offer you effortless styling, our HOOGA Kloud Mattress comes in neutral colour with cosy finishing and aesthetic design that will break your urban minimalist space with a little Scandinavian embellishment.

Besides, to bring practical solution to your comfort, the mattress also comes with two handles on each side, making it easier for you when the time calls for a flip or move.

2. Comfort

HOOGA Kloud Mattress introduces 3 exquisite layers which consist of air pocketed air foam, high resilient foam and pocketed springs. The result is a bed of fluffy clouds that presents a luxurious blend of bounce, support and breathability. Besides, the pillow top style accentuates the comfortable design with enhanced plushiness that provides you with a cosier spot to snuggle into every night.

3. Firmness

With a medium firmness level of 7/10, our HOOGA Kloud Mattress makes a versatile option as it seamlessly fits the needs of a comfortable bed for most sleepers. Besides, features pocketed springs that are perfectly set up into zones, our mattress provides a sturdy foundation with exceptional responsiveness to help you sleep better throughout the night with the best support and firmness.

4. Convenience

A mattress in a box, HOOGA Kloud Mattress delivers sounder sleep to your front door with super easy setup. It only requires you to take it out of the box, position it on the bed frame of your choice, unwrap the plastic seal and simply watch your castle in the sky comes to live. With only 4 steps away to sleeping among the clouds, our mattress is thoughtfully designed to bring convenience to your day.



Place the box on the floor and retrieve the rolled-up mattress from the box. Your mattress is wrapped in two layers of plastic seal.



Place the rolled-up mattress on the bed frame and carefully cut the first layer of plastic seal. Unroll the compressed mattress across the bed frame.



Carefully cut the second layer of the plastic seal along the edges and be wary not to damage the mattress. Allow the mattress to fully expand to its original size.



Once it is all set up, it is time to cosy up!

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Besides, covered by 10-year warranty with complimentary shipping, this mattress lets you enjoy its endless comfort and convenience for nights to come. If you are thinking of bringing it home, don’t forget to match it with our sheets, pillows and quilts for the sweetest slumber in the cosiest cocoon.