Kloud Mattress

A Hygge Day on Our KLOUD Mattress

From time to time, we all need to unplug and spend our time in bed after a whole week of being productive and getting things done.

A restorative hoogalic day where you get all the rest you need and do everything you have been putting on hold, here are the ways to enjoy a wholesome day without leaving the cosy nest of our HOOGA KLOUD Mattress.

A Slow, Quiet Morning

Instead of rushing through your normal routine, enjoy a slow and quiet morning as you open the window to let the gush of fresh air fills your space. From there, you can either get another quick nap or simply lay around as you try to recall the dream you had. When you are ready to start your day, surprise your loved one with a breakfast in bed where you can indulge in the food together while slowly waking up. Due to the firmness of our HOOGA Kloud Mattress, having a tilled tray is the last thing to be worried off but getting out of it might be top in the list.

A Reviving Noon of Pampering

After a blissful morning, take some time to pamper yourself. Change into your cosiest robe and grab some freshly sliced tomatoes, a face mask and the nail polish that you have been wanting to try. While waiting for the mask to dry out, do a simple meditation on bed and let yourself get lost in the serenity. Sit in the lotus position or lay down while enjoying the slow music background. With the pillow top style, enjoy pampering yourself with the enhanced plushiness of our HOOGA Kloud Mattress.

A Relaxing Afternoon of Me-Time

With sunshine through your windows, the warm glow it brings to your space calls for some relaxing me-time. Gather all your plushy cushions and a fuzzy blanket that will burrow you down into a pile of hoogalic cosiness. While you set your little nook, pick up some good books to cuddle up with as you settle into a long afternoon of reading that offers you a sweet escape from your daily grind. Features an air-filled core, our HOOGA Kloud Mattress is perfect for long hours of longing as its excellent breathability will keep you comfortably dry and cool.

A Delightful Evening Date

As hygge is all about relaxing and being comfortable, a night-in is always a great idea as it is so much easier and cosier. So, instead of spending hours of your time planning for the best outfit and walking around from one place to another, settle for a movie date on bed. Pull out all your blankets, wear your comfiest sleepwear and make some popcorn to munch on for a great date night. Designed to gently cradle your every curve, the sink-in sensation of our HOOGA Kloud Mattress makes sure you are comfortable and relaxed throughout your date.

A Night of Peaceful Slumber

After the day you have had, you will find yourself ready to take on the next day as you prepare yourself for a long restorative night. Calling it an early night helps you getting enough rest for a long productive day ahead. But no hibernation is complete without a cosy glow from candle and the comfort of our pillows, bed sheets and newly launched HOOGA KLOUD Mattress. With a cosiness that reminds you so much of fluffy clouds, find yourself in a relaxing sleep with the ethereal essence of hygge and comfort.